It’s one thing to have a straightforward medical ailment, such as a broken bone. In a case like that, the bone is set in order to mend, and in time it heals. But it’s an entirely different situation if there’s a health issue that has to do with the blood, and that’s why hematology is so critically important.

Hematology is the the study of blood, organs that form blood, and blood-related diseases. This can include disorders such as anemia, which affects over 3 million Americans, hemophilia, in which blood doesn’t clot correctly and excessive bleeding takes place, and myelodysplastic syndrome, in which there’s a problem with the body’s manufacturing of white blood cells.

Blood disorders aren’t always severe, but they can be serious and require unique and specialized forms of treatment. At Perll Diagnostics, we understand that, which is why we provide experienced hematopathology services that effectively combine traditional platforms and innovative technological solutions.

We’ve been serving our clients for over 7 years, and we bring over 25 years of practical experience to the table. Our collaborative environment provides diagnostics that are scientifically rigorous, and we provide them within 24 hours for efficient treatment. For more information, contact us by phone or online today.